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Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.

Stanley Saitowitz
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Each of the pieces in the Judaica Collection are contemporary expressions of ancient objects. As instruments, they aim to make visible the ceremonies they facilitate. Their forms emerge from the blessings they are required to fulfill.

The Mezuza Case embodies the tradition of slanting towards the room implying that God and Torah are entering.

The Kiddush Cup holds 2 revits (153 milliters) of wine. The cup has many handles so that when it is passed around the table each participant has their own.

The braided Challah Cover ‘removes’ it from the table while the Kiddush is recited over wine.

Havdalah is intended to require a person to use all five senses - taste the wine, smell the spices, see the flame, feel its heat, and hear the blessings. This Havdalah Set is an instrument for the senses.

Two candles are lit by the woman of the household 18 minutes before sundown to welcome the Shabbat, and bring peace to the home.

The Menorah acknowledges the miracle of continuous light for eight days, and encapsules the ceremony of illuminating Chanukah lights; right to left for adding candles, left to right for lighting candles.

The Seder Plate holds the six items used for retelling the story of the Exodus from Egypt arranged in the order they are used during the Seder, from right to left. The seventh symbolic item, the stack of three matzos, are contained in a matching box.