Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.

Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc.

Stanley Saitowitz
Natoma Architects Inc.

2019 AIA Japan | Outside and Insides

Stanley Saitowitz will be lectureing at Tokyo Arper K.K.

Ht Jingu Gaien Building, 8th Floor
2-7-22 Kita Aoyama, Minato-Ku Japan

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

2019 USC School of Architecture Lecture | Outside and Insides

Friday, August 30, 2019 @ 4:00 PM
Harris 101

2019 Di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art | Architecture of Resilence

In Conversation: The Architecture of Resilience with Stanley Saitowitz, Anne Fougeron, and Craig Steely, moderated by Brandon Jørgensen of Atelier Jørgensen.

September 7, 2019 @ 3 PM

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2019 Pratt Session Vol 1 | Stanley Saitowitz and Natoma Architects

Pratt School of Architecture's Sessions Vol. 1 features work from Natoma Architects

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2019 Rethinking the Future | Oz Residence

Oz Residence featured in Rethinking The Future magazine.

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2019 Los Angeles Metro | Building Matters Symposium

Saturday, March 16 @ 1:30pm

Housing L.A./SF: Building Matters Symposium
A Reception, Symposium, and Moderated Panel Discussion with
Anne Fougeron, David Baker, Julie Eizenberg, Neil Denari, Stanley Saitowitz, and Thom Mayne. Moderated by Frances Anderton, Rafi Segal, and Stephen Phillips

2019 SF Curbed | A Guide to the Work of Stanley Saitowitz

A guide to the work of Stanley Saitowitz, San Francisco’s most polarizing designer.

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2018 Nature View the Perfect Holiday | Costa Rica House

Nature View features the Costa Rica House

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2018 Architecture Record March | Water Tank Library

Architecture Record features the Water Tank Library.

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2018 Modular Podcast | Stanley Saitowitz

Stanley Saitowitz interviewed about his inspirations, his unique design philosophy, and much more.

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2018 OZ Vol 40 | Six Sites

OZ features a number of projects including: 8 Octavia, Garden Village, Beth Sholom, Tampa Museum, Chicago, and Angels Landing

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2018 Floor Plan Manual Housing | 8 Octavia

Floor Plan Manual Housing 5th Edition features 8 Octavia

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2018 Urbanize | 1111 Sunset

Urbanize Los Angeles features 1111 Sunset and details the surrounding masterplan.

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2018 UC Berkeley | Architecture in Details

Stanley Saitowitz will be lecturing to Professor Rene Davids' ARCH 262 In Detail Seminar, and the CED community is welcome to attend.

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2018 Facades + AM Conference

June 7, 2018

Stanley Saitowitz will be joining a discussion panel along with Shruti Kasarekar, associate at Atelier Ten; and Mark Cavagnero, founding partner of Mark Cavagnero Associates.

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2018 SF Curbed | 1234 Howard

1234 Howard featured in SF Curbed

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2018 New York Post

The New York Post features Stanley Saitowitz in top architects article.

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2017 Facades + Conference

Stanley Saitowitz will be a featured keynote speaker at this year's Facades + Conference.

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2017 Drexel University | Happy New Year

2017 AIA Innovation Award | Garden Village

Garden Village has won the 2017 AIA Innovation Award.

See jury comments here

2017 Columbus the Movie | Mill Race Park

Mill Race Park has been featured on the poster for the movie Columbus.

2017 Architect Magazine | OZ Residence

OZ House has been featured in Architect Magazine.

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2017 Divisare | Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum of Art has been featured on Divisare.

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2017 Modern American Housing

Editor Peggy Tully
Featured Projects: Yerba Buena Lofts, Jack London Tower, 1022 Natoma, and 1028 Natoma

2017 Building Community | New Apartment Architecture

By Michael Webb
Featured Project - 8 Octavia: Abstracting The City

2016 Wired - 25 Masterpieces of the Year | Center For Jewish Life

Center For Jewish Life is selected to be one of the 25 architectural design of the year.

See 25 Designs here

2016 8 Octavia Featured in German Magazine Baumeister

2016 The Judaica Collection Store Launched

Mezuzah and Hanukkah Menorah are available and on sale with Free Shipping.
They were once featured at the Contemporary Jewish Museum , Dwell Magazine and Archdaily
Visit Etsy Store
or at
The Judaica Collection Store

2016 Welcome gathering at Muthuini Primary School in Kenya | Watertank Library

We are working with the non-profit organization the Nobelity Project and Muthuini Primary School in rural Kenya to transform an abandoned water tank into a library.
See the Nobelity project post here

2016 Cover drawn by Pancho Guedes

Cover drawn by Pancho Guedes of the recent book
“PANCHO GUEDES HAS NEVER BEEN TO JAPAN” Journeys through the photographic archives of A.d’A.M.Guedes.
Estad Arte and Design, Portugal 2015

2015 TIME Money Magazine | Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa was ranked as one of the Top 5 Best Cities by MoneyMagazine.
Tampa Museum of Art was featured.
Read article here

2015 Sacred Spaces Contemporary Religious Architecture

by James Pallister
Publisher: Phaidon Press

A ground-breaking and enlightening exploration of the structures which elevate architecture to spirituality. Beth Sholom Synagogue is one of the 30 showcase projects in the book.

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2015 Thirty Years of Emerging Voices

SS|NAI is included in 30 Years of Emerging Voices - An unprecedented collection of design projects and practices, 30 Years of Emerging Voices: Idea, Form, Resonance documents some of the most innovative North American design firms of the past three decades.

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2014 AIA SF Architecture Honor Award | 1029 Natoma Street

Architectural Record

"Uptown Cleveland" - October 2012
“Conduit Restaurant San Francisco” – January 2009
“Beth Sholom Synagogue San Francisco” – August 2008
“1234 Howard” – June 2006
“Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architect's Tampa Museum Approved”– June 2007
“Exhibitions” – August 2003
“Oxbow School” – May 2003
“Yerba Buena Lofts, San Francisco” – August 2002
“Residential Briefs” – October 2000
“Mill Race Park” – November 1993

2014 American Architecture Award | Uptown

Organization: The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies

2012 Five North American Architects - An Anthology by Kenneth Frampton

Five North American Architects - An Anthology brings together five architectural practices which, while all distinct, share a particularly sensitive feeling for the impact of craftsmanship and climate on the generation of form, as well as an equally shared concern for the expressive tactility of material and the articulation of structure under the impact of light.

2012 Award of Public Recognition, Top 100 Buildings in the State of Florida | Tampa Museum of Art

100 Years 100 Places Competition The Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects

2011 American Architecture Award | Tampa Museum of Art

Organization: The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies

2011 Outstanding Restaurant Design | Toast Restaurant

James Beard Foundation Nomination

2010 AIA SF Architecture Honor Awards | Tampa Museum of Art

2010 Dwell | UCSF Parking Garage Poster by Publique Living

SF–based design firm Publique Living led by the firm's principal, Lian Ng has created a series of posters called Grafik 180 CityArt. The UCSF Parking Garage is featured as one of the posters for San Francisco

See posters and article here

2010 Outstanding Special Use Building | Tampa Museum of Art

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association: Tampa Bay Chapter

2010 October Interior Public Space | Tampa Museum of Art

2010 AIA Tampa Bay Merit Award, Institutional Category | Tampa Museum of Art

2010 AIA SF Interior Architecture Merit Award | Toast Restaurant

2010 AIA SF Architecture Citation Award | Costa Rica House

GA Houses

“Pine Mountain Road / Lake House” – Issue 109
“Bridge House” – Issue 104
“Zakin Residence” – Issue 87
“Triangle Oval Townhouses” – Issue 86
“Stone Residence / Omega 3 Residence” – Issue 80
“Yerba Buena Lofts / Shaw Residence” – Issue 76
“Project 2003, Sonnetag / Kinney Residence” – Issue 74
“Zakin Residence / Popell Residence” – Issue 70
“Lieff Guest House / Murphy-Rosenthal House” – Issue 71
“Barnes Tenazas / Lieff Apartment” – Issue 67
“Davis Ranch / Kahn Residence” – Issue 66
“Byron Meyer Residence” – Issue 65
“Lafayette Town Houses” – Issue 55
“Lesser House” – Issue 54
“McLane-Looke Residence” – Issue 50
“Rabin Residence” – Issue 42
“McDonald Residence ” – Issue 29
“Grewall Residence” – Issue 28

2009 AIA SF Architecture Honor Award | Beth Sholom Synagogue

2009 Archdaily Interview | Stanley Saitowitz

2009 FX International Design Awards | Conduit

Finalist, Bar or Restaurant

2009 AIA California Council Merit Award for Interior Architecture | Conduit Restaurant

2009 Construction Communications Building of America Award | Beth Sholom Synagogue

2009 FX International Design Awards | Toast

Finalist, Bar or Restaurant

2009 7x7 Magazine Eat + Drink Awards | Conduit

2009 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, Landmark Structures | Beth Sholom Synagogue

Structural Engineers Association of California

2009 AIA SF Interior Architecture Merit Award | Unit No.5, 1234 Howard Street

2008 AIA SF Architecture Honor Award | Bridge House

2007 AIA SF Architecture Honor Award | 1028 Natoma

2008 AIA SF Architecture Merit Award | 1234 Howard

2008 AIA SF Interior Architecture Honor Award | Conduit

2008 AIA SF Interior Architecture Merit Award | Optical Center

2008 California Construction Best of the Year | Beth Sholom

2008 AIA SF Interior Architecture Merit Award | Mizu Spa

2007 AIA SF Unbuilt Architecture Merit Award | 8 Octavia

2006 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award | Stanley Saitowitz

Finalist award presented by Laura Bush the White House

2006 AIA SF Architecture Merit Award | UCSF 23B

2006 AIA SF Interior Architecture Merit Award | Shaw Residence

2006 AIA SF Unbuilt Design Citation Award | First United Methodist Church and Tower

2005 AIA Un-built Architecture Honor Award | Beth Sholom Synagogue

2004 AIA SF Architecture Award | Lieff Residence

2003 AIA SF Architecture Design Excellence Award | 855 Folsom Street, Yerba Beuna Lofts

1998 National Register of Peer Professionals Design Excellence Program

U.S. General Services Administration

1998 AIA Henry Bacon Medal for Memorial Architecture | Holocaust Memorial

1997 The Boston Society of Architects Harleston Parker Award | Holocaust Memorial

1996 Stanley Saitowitz | Architecture at Rice (Book 33)

Princeton Architectural Press; 2nd edition

View book here

1997 Declaration of Transvaal House as a National Monument

by the National Monuments Council of South Africa